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About Nano Rangers

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Nano rangers is a recognized brand across the globe functioning with the pioneer 3D Nano technology coatings for your beloved vehicles. Flying high with industry-leading standards, we specialize in revolutionary paint protection services with coats to protect the valuable interiors to glossy exteriors; we do it all.

We are a one-stop solution to define the finesse of your automobile providing an umbrella of services that range from thorough washing and cleaning to coating the interiors and exteriors for a perfect gloss and reflection.

Engineered with German technology, our products ensure high-quality and perfection. We at Nano Rangers believe in the passion with which a vehicle is bought hence we strive to provide every service with utmost dedication without hampering the originality throughout our services.

  • Ceramic Coating Packages: Cars
    There’s a lot more than money that you invest in getting a car that fills you up with pride, hence keeping its paint protected is an elementary step. We at Nano Rangers create customized packages to serve the pride that you put in your dream vehicle.
  • Ceramic Coating Packages: Bikes
    Bikes are adventurous and to maintain its toughness and look, you need top-notch protection experts to take care of every minute detail to keep your roadster as new and tough as ever. Select from the package that suits you the best or contact us to customize it as per your needs.

What Makes Us Different?

We at Nano Rangers strive to provide our customers with the best in class technology solutions for their dearest automobiles through an umbrella of advanced services. Our Nano ceramic coatings give you an enduring 9H hardness with assured durability where other silicon or Teflon based coats damage the paint instead to providing it with protection.

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Read FAQ’s

Nano Rangers ceramic coating is completely safe for cars paint. Its a transparent liquid plastic coating, hence does not change or alter paints color.

Our coatings form a 9H hardness layer on cars paint resisting minor scratches and paint cuts. Therefore its a scratch resistance coating not scratch proof coating.

Yes has been tested & certified by world leading by Tüv Süd world's leading technical certification organisation.

It takes 2-4 days for the Car & 1-2 days for Bikes

No, existing scratches and dents will not be removed. Only minor scratches on paint surface is removed by buffing process. We recommend to clear all dents Or paint cuts prior treatment.

No, Our glass coating on windshield does not damage the visibility. It enhances visiblity during the day/night and in environmental conditions like fog/rain.

The feature of coating which repells waters is known as hydrophobicity. The effect reduces overtime due to hard water roughens the surface and also due to dust sediments on top coating. This can be restored in annual maintaince coating.

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